Everybody knows what notice boards are. It is a surface object that is designed to post messages to the public. They can be seen in places where there is high traffic like in streets or inside schools. Most of these messages are advertisements, part time job offers, the announcement of upcoming events, warnings, reminders or simply something to provide information. Some of these make use of lockable notice boards since there are times when this information are ripped from the surface by a passerby.

You can find them mostly in universities. They are widely used by groups specializing in sports and many other extracurricular activities. They are also used for announcing official notices from various groups or even local shops. Lobbies, hallways, freestanding kiosks and dormitory corridors often come with cork boards placed on it in order to properly manage the notice postings. Other places in universities include trees, bollards, walls, and lamp posts are also turned into impromptu posting areas where official notice boards are lacking in number.

As of recently the internet forums is made as a replacement for the traditional notice boards. They are referred to as message boards. The names internet forum, message board and online bulletin board are interchangeable in this manner. However, a single one of these can contain a great number of discussion groups or internet forums. The online board can also be served with similar purpose like that of the traditional notice boards.

Another popular substitute for the traditional notice boards are the magnetic boards. They are used to replace the cork-made notice boards since they do not deteriorate fast due to the pinning and removal of the pins over time.

Another thing that you’ll notice with these notice boards is the existence of the post and rope queue post . These are the long posts that are either made from stainless steel or brass with swag ropes or webbing that guides people to where they should queue up. These are especially common around theaters to keep people in line.

However these days there are the modern ones coming out in the market, too. The ‘rope’ of these modern poles are retractable and its length can be adjusted accordingly. They are used to keep people in line and to avoid the line from getting taken over by people that can’t wait in the queue.

If you have a food business that gathers a certain amount of people at a particular time, it is wise to make use of the pole and rope queue posts. This will prevent the customers from getting into a fight or an argument on who was first. Some business owners employ the use of priority numbers, but it would be wise to make use of the queue posts. It will guide the people to form a line and wait for their turn.

As those in theaters, they are used either to block people from coming in or to let them wait for their ticket before entering the premises. Some of these are even lined up close to the notice boards.

What are the Uses of the Notice Boards?