Most of the men don’t go out that often like what women do. A few would spend time in a mall to do some shopping. What do they buy? The most common are t-shirts. You can wear any bottom in a t-shirt. So what other men do? They can only go online. There are men’s online funny t-shirts whose order process is straightforward. Here is the most common step by step instruction on how you place orders online.

  1. Register and create your account.

Most of the online shops will ask you to register and create your account to enter your information like your name, shipping address and bank details as one of the payment methods.

  1. Check out the items

Online shops will have their different filters and categories of their items. Feel free to shop around. Here it will not tire as much as walk around the boutiques in a mall. Everything is just a click away.

  1. Place your order

Different placing an order will appear in various online shops. There are radio buttons like the ones in iPhone; there are tick boxes, there are buttons that say “add to cart” and a lot more. It is as easy as clicking the ones you like. For example, you chose the shirt that says, “Printed Film Tops.” Once you click on the button, your order will then be saved in the list of your orders.

  1. Review your order

After placing your order, you will be directed to a page where you can find the summary of your order. Make sure to review the items you prefer. There are options to choose the color, size, and other varieties.

  1. Review your shipping details

Next screen will be the shipping information. Here you will find your name, contact information and the address where it will be shipped to. There are options where you can add special instructions or other details if necessary.

  1. Make a payment

The site will then ask for your payment options. Different online sites have various options as well like payments thru bank transfer, PayPal, Moneygram, wire transfer, cash payments, credit card or debit card payment and a lot more. It usually depends on how the seller wants to receive the payment. Most likely it will be posted on their sites before registration.

  1. Confirmation

And lastly, confirmation of the order. In this page, usually, you will be prompted on how are you able to receive the package. Courier, timeframe and other details will be posted on this screen. Sellers will also send an email confirmation of the purchase with the same details so that the buyer will have a tracking information of the acquisition.

  1. Wait to receive the item

Finally, receive the item on the date indicated on the email confirmation.

Men’s funny t-shirt is one of a kind and never out of fashion statement or style. You always see men wearing t-shirts for all occasion. It is helpful for them to know these easy step by step procedures in placing online orders. Easy and it saves time and energy.


How to Order Customized Shirts Online